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You can easily move this lightweight chair for cleaning or when rearranging furniture.

Material:Birch veneer, Steel, 100% polyester.

    Product dimensions:

  • Width: 64 cm
  • Depth: 75 cm
  • Height: 75 cm
  • Seat width: 59 cm
  • Seat depth: 46 cm
  • Seat height: 40 cm
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IKEA STRANDON Beach deck chair 50x189 cm


This lounge chair has plenty of room to stretch out, and the lightweight, durable and compact design makes it easy to take with you.

At the back of the sun lounger there is a large zippered fabric bag in which you can store your belongings while enjoying the sun. 2 elastic bands will keep the towel and sunglasses in place, even if it's windy.

You can easily adjust the backrest angle by moving the support frame forward or backward.

Lying on it is incredibly comfortable, since the lounger is filled with soft fibers.

Setting up a sun lounger is very easy, so you can spend more time relaxing in the sun.

It folds easily and takes up little storage space, and the color and pattern of the fabric create a wonderful summer atmosphere.

Material: polyester, polyethylene foam, polypropylene, rubber, steel, polyester powder coating.

Product dimensions

  • Width 50 cm
  • Length: 189 cm
  • Height: 47 cm
  • Tested: 110 kg.
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  • Chair / Chaise


    Relax Chaise Lounge is an excellent option for folding furniture for summer holidays and relaxing by the pool. Modern stylish model, made of high-quality durable materials. Chaise lounge Relax will help you feel comfort and coziness, wherever you rest. The model has a soft headrest pillow that will help you find a comfortable head position.

    Product size

    • The frame is made of a strong steel tube and can withstand a load of up to 120 kg.
    • Height of the product in the lower position: 86 cm
    • Height of the product in the upper position: 110 cm
    • Product width: 66 cm
    • Product depth: 133 - 153 cm
    • Seat width: 45 cm
    • Seat depth: 45 cm
    • Height from floor to seat: 35cm
    • Height of backrest: 80cm
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    IKEA NAMMARO Chaise 57x193 cm


    Create the comfort of an outdoor living room.

    The furniture is made from acacia, a naturally strong and durable hardwood thanks to its high fiber density.

    Combine your own garden furniture to create a harmonious outdoor space.

    The timeless design makes this series adjustable and suitable for a variety of operating conditions.

    The furniture has been treated to better protect it from sun, rain, stains and wear.

    The backrest is adjustable - 5 different settings.

    Recommended for outdoor use only.

    Material: solid acacia, acrylic stain, synthetic rubber.

    Product dimensions

    • Total length: 193 cm
    • Total width: 67 cm
    • Maximum height: 78 cm
    • Back length: 76 cm
    • Seat length: 115 cm
    • Seat width: 57 cm
    • Seat height: 30 cm
    • Tested: 110 kg.
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    IKEA EPPLARO Chaise 60x192 cm


    The back of the lounger can be fully lowered for a perfectly even tan, or set to one of five positions for comfortable lounging or reading outdoors.

    Easy to move thanks to wheels.

    Recommended for outdoor use.

    Material: Solid acacia, Acrylic stain, Synthetic rubber.

    Product size

    • Length: 192 cm
    • Width: 60 cm
    • Height: 33 cm
    • Tested for: 110 kg
    • The product is dismantled and packaged. Collection guide included.

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    IKEA SEGERON Chaise 60x205 cm


    This product is durable and easy to care for as it is composed of a powder-coated steel frame and hand-woven rope.

    The backrest is adjustable - 5 different settings.

    Can be completed with a cushion cover for the chaise lounge, sold separately.

    Material: steel, polyester powder coating, .

    Product dimensions

    • Height: 38 cm
    • Length: 205 cm
    • Width: 72 cm
    • Tested for: 110 kg.
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    IKEA SOLBLEKT Folding picnic chair


    Designed for outdoor use. The timber frame is made from solid eucalyptus, a durable, renewable natural material that can withstand the effects of atmospheric precipitation.

    Material: Polyester. Solid eucalyptus.

      Product size:

    • Width: 35 cm
    • Depth: 37 cm
    • Height: 46 cm
    • Seat width: 35 cm
    • Seat depth: 37 cm
    • Seat height: 46 cm
    • Tested for: 100 kg

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    IKEA ASKHOLMEN Garden chair with armrests


    Comfortable chair made of durable hardwood with good armrest support.

    Ideal for long dinners outdoors.

    They are easy to store and stack when the season is over or when you need extra space for guests.

    You can have several chairs at hand, which will not take up extra space, since they can be stacked on top of each other.

    To increase durability and allow you to enjoy the natural look of wood, the furniture was pre-coated with a layer of translucent stain.

    The best way to extend the life of your wooden garden furniture is to paint your furniture regularly.

    Material: solid acacia.

      Product dimensions:

    • Width: 59 cm
    • Depth: 56 cm
    • Height: 82 cm
    • Seat width: 43 cm
    • Seat depth: 43 cm
    • Seat height: 41 cm
    • Tested for: 110 kg

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    IKEA EPPLARO Garden table / stool 63x63 sm


    Use as a table or stool to complement the single section from this series.

    By combining different sections, You can create a sofa that fits your needs perfectly in shape and size.

    Recommended for outdoor use.

    Material: Solid acacia, Acrylic stain.

    Product size

    • Length: 63 cm
    • Width: 63 cm
    • Height: 28 cm
    • The product is dismantled and packaged. Collection guide included.

    43900 ֏

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    INTEX Inflatable chair / bed 94x170 cm


    • An inflatable deck chair is a great option for relaxing at home and outdoors. You can sit comfortably in it to read, watch TV or take a sunbath.

    • An additional opening in the form of a cup holder allows you to place a container with water, a cocktail and other drinks.

    • Inflate or deflate the product without difficulty thanks to the wide opening valve. The pump is not included. You can purchase it here Air pump for hand 37 cm , Air pump 12 volt.

    Product dimensions

    • Material: vinyl
    • Height: 86 cm
    • Length: 170 cm
    • Width: 94 cm
    • Load: 100 kg
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    IKEA KUDDARNA Sun lounger cushion 60x190 cm


    The chaise lounge cushion has a longer lifespan because it can be turned over and used on both sides.

    Ribbons hold the sofa cushion in the right place.

    Material: polyester, polyurethane foam.

    Product dimensions

    • Length: 190 cm
    • Width: 60 cm
    • Thickness: 7 cm
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