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Folding press bench set


• Universal bench for press and bench press. Gives you the opportunity to train the abdominal muscles, back muscles, perform exercises with dumbbells and barbell․

• Easy to transport, assemble. Tilt height is adjustable.

• The set includes 2 latex expanders with handles, the expander is spring.

• The press bench does not take up much space in the apartment, and when folded it fits even in a small gap between the closet and the wall.

• The press bench is ideal for men and women and even schoolchildren. .

Product dimensions

  • Bench width: 30 cm
  • Bench length: 92 cm
  • Bench height adjustable: 43/49 cm
  • Maximum user weight: 110kg
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Press bench set 6 in 1


• A multifunctional and effective simulator will help you to become the owner of an excellent figure and spectacular muscle relief in the shortest possible time. He alone combines the functions of six simulators. It will help strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back, develop the spine and pump up the legs․

• The simulator is ideal for strengthening the rectus and oblique abdominal muscles, for training the legs, developing the mobility of the spine and back muscles.

• Adjustment of the angle of inclination and height of the rollers under the user's shin.

• Bearing frame made of oval and round metal profiles with antistatic protective paint.

Product dimensions

  • Function: Body, arm, shoulder exercise, Abs exercise, Rowing style exercise, - Leg, crunch and squat exercise
  • Bench length: 104 cm
  • Width: 55 cm
  • Height - 89 cm.
  • Maximum user weight: 120kg
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