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Exercise bike magnetic elliptical


• An elliptical magnetic simulator is a projectile, during training on which almost all the muscles of the body work. It belongs to the cardio equipment group. An ellipsoid of this type combines movements that would be performed when cycling, climbing stairs, running and skiing․

• The informative display shows the indicators of workout time, calorie consumption, pulse, distance traveled and speed. The display is also equipped with a stand for a tablet or smartphone

• Equipped with compensators for floor irregularities, transport rollers/wheels, hand levers

Product sizes

  • Number of load levels 8
  • Step length up to 30 cm
  • For 1 hour of moderate intensity training, a person loses up to 720 kcal.
  • Maximum user weight ՝ - up to 120 kg
  • Color - whiter
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LIVEUP Mini stepper with pedometer


• Mini-stepper is a compact home exercise machine, durable design can withstand a maximum user weight of up to 100 kg. The hydraulic loading system is smooth and silent, without disturbing the rest of the family during your workout. The built-in on-board computer is powered by AAA batteries. The monitor shows the time of the workout, the distance traveled, the number of steps taken per minute and the whole workout, as well as the calories burned

Product sizes

  • (L x W x H) 43 - 32 - 25 cm
  • Maximum user weight ՝ - up to 100 kg
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