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Omron M2 Basic Automatic tonometer


Tonometer automatic blood pressure monitor with cuff fixation on the upper arm.

The tonometer is equipped with a unique new generation intelligent control system - Intellisense (intelligent sense or intelligent sensitivity), which controls the process of measuring blood pressure, allowing you to take into account the individual characteristics of each user.

The device is powered by four AA batteries included or with an adapter

Japanese movement.

Product dimensions

  • Cuff size: 22-32 cm
  • Measurement memory: 30
  • Item height: 8cm
  • Item width: 12.9cm
  • Item depth: 10.3 cm
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Lk 88 Pulse oximeter


The pulse oximeter is a monitoring and diagnostic device for measuring blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate and pulse wave histogram.

The oxygen content in the blood of a healthy person is 95-99%. A reading below 93% indicates acute respiratory distress and requires immediate medical attention.

Very easy to use, just attach it to your finger and wait for the result within 8 seconds.- TFT color display;- Measures oxygen level and pulse;- Low power consumption;- Small in size, light and easy to carry;- Runs on standard AAA batteries which are included.

Product dimensions

  • Width: 8 cm
  • Height: 5 cm
  • wire hanger included

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